Brisbane City Guide

by Kitty Jellinek

Brisbane city via the story bridge

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland Australia with the postcode 4000.

The Brisbane  video guide below paints a rosy picture of the fastest developing city in Australia. Beautiful as depicted, when the weather is kind, Brisbane city has been plagued by some of the worst flooding imaginable. Founded on uninhabitable swamp land, the city has been pock marked by almost insurmountable problems right from the beginning.

Personally I have been visiting Brisbane since the mid 50’s and lived there for several years. I have witnessed two major floods and was one of the volunteers in the cleanup after the 1974 flood. It is hard to imagine today, when driving down Coronation Drive, that in 1974, all manner of debris and clothing was dangling from the electricity cables overhead. Also a massive bull was stranded on the first floor of the Brisbane Hotel. He had swam in through the window, remaining there for several days till the waters receded – then escorted down to the ground floor and out of the hotel by some very brave wranglers.

I remember traveling through the Brisbane CBD in the 70’s at around 8.30pm. It was like a ghost town. I wanted to buy some milk but there were no stores open for business. Brisbane didn’t feel like a city to me in those days, rather like a country town.Today all that has changed and I find the transformation to be amazing, in such a short span of years. Today, Brisbane has grown into a beautiful and entertaining place to frequent – blossomed into a major multicultural city.

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